Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Nephew, PFC Kyle Oren Skimin

Today I am especially thankful for the many men and women
serving in our military.

My handsome nephew, Kyle Oren Skimin, is one of those.

I remember when Kyle was born.
I remember him babbling in his carseat while
Tina and I drove around in her little black car.
He was always trying to mimic what were saying,
sometimes that included a few, well, let's just say...colorful words.
I remember him playing with all the tiny Sesame Street characters
I gave him for Christmas when he was 2 years old.
I'll never forget how he let out a ear piercing squeal with each one
he pulled from the box.
He insisted that he was saying it correctly when he
called Oscar the Grouch "Soccer" the Grouch.
(He just loves that story when I tell it to his friends
now that he's 20 years old!)

I remember him going on trips up to Oregon each year
with his Uncle Wayne
(who is now my Husband!)

I remember how quiet and shy Kyle always was
unless he knew you well.
He was always a guy of few words,
except for talking to his Mom (my BFF, now SNL, Tina).
They have always been so very close. 
I pray I have such a relationship with my son!

Fast forward to today....
It is the 9 year anniversary of 9/11 and this young man
 is serving in the ARMY.

PFC Kyle Oren Skimin is scheduled to deploy
to Afghanistan in October.
We are so proud of him and honored
that he has chosen to serve our country.

As I remember the moments I watched
the horrific tragedy of 9/11 unfold on television,

I remember watching Kyle grow from an adorable, little boy
to a handsome young man with a certain confidence
as he wears his uniform with pride.

This summer I helped out with Kyle's wedding.

My Husband, Wayne, had the honor of officiating the ceremony.

What an emotional and joyful day!
Tears come to my eyes every single time
I look at this picture of Tina and Kyle.

Kyle and his bride, Shariya, were the epitome of young love!

So yes, we are so torn with sadness, to see him go and
pride, for his sacrifice.

We will continue to pray that sooner than we know it,
Kyle will be back home with Shariya.

We love you Kyle and can't wait until you're back!

Sincerest Blessings to All,
Let us Never Forget.