Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It Must Be In The Genes....

Believe it or not, my two daughters created this little one room house out of their LEGOs....

COMPLETELY on their own. 

How cute is that?!

Macy is 9 and Grace is 5.

The front view as you enter the LEGO cottage
through the rainbow columns.

They made sure I noticed the carrots and corn
growing in the garden.

Grace thought the house needed to be protected like ours

so the blue and white thingy is the alarm sytem.

Here is the luxurious, pink daybed. 

Notice the large, pink, fluffy pillow 
leaning on the grand headboard

and the little peak-a-boo arched opening?

I just love the vanity!  Two side lamps, a perfume bottle
 and an arched mirror with a jewelry box even! 

Of course they added a bench for the vanity. 

Check out the rose topiary in the corner!

No one room cottage is complete without
a BIG screen TV.

See the little pink drinking glasses on the bed?

And that footboard with the ornate, pink finials!

I may not be able to save their latest masterpiece from Little Man
(Jack, their almost 2 year old brother),

but at least it's preserved in BLOGLAND.

Because of His grace, I am my Kids' Mommie,



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  1. What a sweet post Missy...I use to love playing with LEGOS when I was a kid, but I don't remember ever making anything with so much thought and detail as this cute little cottage masterpiece. LOVE IT! Have a wonderfully blessed day.

    Hugs and Kisses,