Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friendly Inspiration

I am once again about to make more changes to my blog. As I've stated before, I'm really new at this blogging thing. And yes, I do realize that no one is even reading my posts anyway. At this point, it's a type of therapy for me I suppose.

I've spent some more time browsing other blogs that have caught my interest for various reasons. Whether it's other Moms I relate to, other Christians or other junkers (or a combination of all three!), I have also come to realize that most people start out the same why I am. That realization has comforted me and helped me understand that I shouldn't be so hard on myself and this will evolve as I go.

So....I've decided to save this blog as more of a personal one that "narrows" my ramblings to focus on my family and me. I was oh-so-inspired by another Mommie that said one day her daughters would read her blog about their lives and hopefully know their Mom a little bit more than they already do. How simple yet profound is that? I'd love to add a link directly to her post but alas, one more thing I need to learn how to do! But as soon as I learn that, I'd love to give her the credit for inspiring me. Oh wait! I found this button, I hope this works....

I've also decided to create a new blog that focuses more on my love for junkin'. I'll include pictures and stories of my projects like painted furniture, accessories and the treasures I find while I'm junkin'. I hope to have an actual web-site one day but hey, one thing at a time. It's so like me to start 64 projects at once and none of them ever get done. I wish I could be like my husband and stay focused. Is there any hope for me? I know, I know, I can hear my hubbie now...."Don't be so hard on yourself. I love my crazy wife just the way she is and I love our crazy life." I love you, too, Babe.

One Blessed Mommie


  1. Hi Missy! Thanks so much for leaving me a sweet comment about Bella Rosa's blog. I sure had fun creating that for her. If you ever have any questions about your blog (Like how to add a link... which you discovered all on your own...) Just email me. If I know the answer I will share it with you. The more you blog. the more you will love it!!! And the more you go around and visit the great gals around here. The more followers you will get. I look forward to seeing you new blog about junkin'!

    Valentine Design
    My Desert Cottage

  2. Hi, I truly hope you don't mind but I found your beautiful blog through Karen's blog, I so wish you had visited me before so I could have found your own beautiful blog before this :) Amor, you are too hard on yourself :) I wish I was one of those blogs that posted all the time and could take beautiful pictures to share with everyone and could write lovely, witty, thought provoking posts....but I can't :) So I just write for myself and for my family and some how these amazing people that I have NEVER met...found me and like or love my blog too :) I became a follower on yours as soon as I read your first is lovely, reminds me of me and I know I am going to so enjoy visiting you and getting to know you better :) You know my dearest friend in Blogland, her name is Dawn she is the love that made my blog for me, Karen redesigned it, well Dawn said to blog about what I love, what makes me happy, and that is all that advice ever :) I hope you will visit my own lil blog one day and I noticed that you are in Ca. also, may I ask what part? I am too :) I am not a pro computer wise by any means, but if you ever have a question I might be able to help you with please ask, if I can't, I might know who can...that is the wonderful thing about Blogland, you meet soo many amazing and talented people ;) Pleasure meeting you :) Besos, Rose

    ps..I hope you don't mind but I am adding you to my beautiful places to visit blog roll :) if you would rather not be on it, please let me know and I will remove you :) feel free to email me anytime :)

  3. Hello my dear. I must say I was mighty surprised to read this post and see MY BLOG on it. I am honored that you would mention me and I am even more excited that you quoted me about something so near and dear to my heart.
    As for your blogging...know this. This blog is for you and when you honor our King in ALL THINGS He will bring sweet, precious people to your blog who will be be blessed by your words, your life, and your gifts. I am so excited to read your blog and I believe you will do amazing things with it. If you have another one....TELL ME! Oh, and when I started I was like, "WHAT ON EARTH IS AN HTML CODE?" I am still trying to figure it all out.

    Yippee! So glad to have found you!