Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Bare" with me!

Well, here I am...another attempt at making my blog look better and not be so bare. I have no idea what I'm doing! I tried one of those free backgrounds from the Background Fairy. I love it and her instructions are super easy to follow, bless her heart for those of us that are completely lame at this. She did say that placement and font options for your title are very limited. I just hope I can figure something to improve it and quick! Not that anyone actually reads my blog, but sometimes I'm such a perfectionist even when no one else will see it! ha-ha!


  1. If I can do it you can do it, trust me.

    Just have fun with it, it will all come together, you'll see.


  2. Missy amor, I think your blog looks pretty faboosh as my daughters say :) (yes, I am trying to sound hip & with it...is it working? :) already! You would be surprised who is reading when you think no one is looking :) When I first started my blog, I had 3 followers, my daughter, my best friend and my lovely friend that made my blog for me, I had no clue what followers even were and one day I asked my friend what it meant...she told me and I was like...intresting...I have 7...had no idea who they even were or how they found me...but bless them all this time and so few posts later, they are still with me :) Enjoy the quietness while you can :) Besos, Rose