Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Tiffany's Style Christmas Tree

Well, so far I'm spending much more time working on my space downtown at the Mission Galleria. Unlike previous years, I actually executed my plan for the window in time for the lighting of the Mission Inn. I finished the Tiffany inspired Christmas tree, along with a re-covered mannequin and some other coordinating items. I finally put to use a bunch of the gorgeous aqua colored fabric from our wedding. I've had an image in my mind of it draping around the window with various decor in aqua, chocolate, white and silver. I can't believe I finally made it happen!

I spent two full days down at the booth with my partner, Arlene. She did one window all in gold and black. It turned out beautifully! I put my long-time aqua-and-chocolate-vision to life in the other window. We were very happy with the results of both of our efforts. My wonderful husband, Wayne, installed a super long shelf above our window so we could hang fabric and chandeliers (among other things) in the windows. What a blessing that was! It made all the difference in the world while decorating our windows.

I was so happy when I was done with the window, I couldn't wait for my husband to see it. He came down with the kids just in time for the lighting. The street had people packed like sardines so we decided to watch from the window of our space. To our surprise, we actually ended up being invited upstairs to view the festivities. What a treat that was, especially for the kids! They thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks show from such an amazing vantage point. We'll definitely have to remember that next year!

Once the crowd began to thin out, my husband insisted I took some photos of the newly decorated window. Thank heavens I did because my Tiffany inspired Christmas tree sold right after we left! Woo-hoo! We were pretty elated. However, I have to admit...a part of me was a little dissappointed. My long-awaited, dream-to-reality vision was oh so shortly lived. But hey, I put my stuff in there to sell, right?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is my first time at your blog, I see you havn't blogged in a while, would love to see photo's of your booth, I'm going to follow in hopes you post again.

    Be blessed,